Hello! Is anyone listening? The magic of Radio and its similarities to running successful Social Media campaigns

It’s a while since I last wrote a blog, the truth is working in marketing you tend to neglect your own promotion in favour of your clients. But that’s no excuse it is important to be consistent. So today I wanted to talk a little about the wonderful world of social media. I remember being one of the first of my friends to sign up to Facebook in April 2007. Back then there was no Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter was only in its first year.

How far social media has come since then? Facebook now has in the region of 2.23 billion users. They’ve recently had a ‘rough’ time losing £90.8 billion of their share value following the Cambridge Analytica scandal (I must hasten to add the company is still valued at nearly £400 billion – yes billion).


What is true is that businesses of all sizes are looking to harness the power of social media. Just like any other media there are different channels which may be more suited to your target audience. Instagram users for example are predominantly aged between 18 and 29 and there is a greater tendency for them to be female over male. Whereas Twitter and LinkedIn users, tend to be older and more business orientated. Effectively utilising social media reminds me a lot of my time as a Radio Presenter. Different stations appeal to different audiences.

But the similarities don’t stop there. Just like the world of radio particularly commercial radio;

You need to plan

Before each show I’d spend at least an hour prepping. My prep would include reading the local and national papers, checking on upcoming events, researching in to any new music that was added to the playlist, creating topics to encourage listener interaction. Planning was imperative to an enjoyable show (for me and the listener).  The same can be said for social media, making the time to produce a fortnightly or monthly social media plan will make the process of generating regular content a far less onerous task.

You’re promoting…

 In radio this is usually the station you work for, other presenter’s shows, local events or special guests. But equally as a business owner utilising social media to promote your business is a wise choice. What other media gives you the opportunity to directly promote your product/service to your customer?

You’re conversing…

Encouraging listener participation brings the show to life. One of my favourite features was my topical themed final song of the show, during this feature I would get listeners to get in touch suggesting a song themed around a news story from that day. People love to receive a direct response from a company, favourite brand or business . I once tweeted Screwfix about a great experience I’d had with their Cheadle store. They passed the message on to the store who responded to my tweet with a thank-you – I was touched. Conversing with your social media supporters encourages brand loyalty and sets you ahead of your competition.

Screwfix tweet.PNG

You’re sharing…

 I remember a few years ago whilst I was working for Cheshire Silk 106.9 there were a number of school closures due to excessive snowfall. Silk became the go to station to find out whether your local school was closed. That’s one of the things I loved most about radio was its speed. If you were on air when a big story broke you could share it with you listeners instantaneously. That speed still puts radio ahead of other media such as print. You can utilise your brands social media to share something relevant in your industry or to your followers.

Sharing, conversing and promoting is the holy trinity as far as establishing a successful social media presence. But I would encourage you to exercise caution when utilising social media. Unlike the world of radio which is regulated by Ofcom anyone can get online through social media and share news, views, pictures and videos. Without the necessarily having the knowledge on what you should or shouldn’t share. I once received a piece of advice whilst working in radio which I still reflect on today ‘If in doubt, leave it out’.

Also avoid the temptation to sell too much. I once took a call from an irate listener during one of my shows for a commercial radio station following a particularly long ad break who asked ‘Are you running an advertising agency or a radio station?’ the truth was a little bit of both. But they raised a good point effective selling should blend in to overall content and be informative not overpowering,  if you ‘sell’ too much people will switch off or in the case of social media at a click of a button they have unliked/unfollowed your page.

Radio is a medium which will always remain special to me, my five years working for stations in Manchester and Cheshire has taught me so much. If you’d like to have a friendly chat about your social media or broader marketing strategy  feel free to get in touch

Wedding April 10th 2012

As Icon Marketing Communications' company ethos is ‘skilful, affordable and approachable’ I thought I’d share a bit about me. I love to organise events there’s something quite rewarding about bringing together various elements for a special occasion. I’ve previously worked on car launches, birthdays, restaurant openings and charity events. Here’s a little bit about the biggest event of my life…

I met my husband in a bar in my home village of Alderley Edge. I was out with the girls having a great time and he was out with a group of friends/colleagues. I accidentally knocked a full tray of drinks over him (they were his drinks). It was one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever done. As his back was turned I did what any self-respecting woman would do and denied all knowledge.

Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately the bartender knew me and called me out for it. It’s quite an unconventional way to meet someone but we got chatting. We were stood underneath a stag light fitting (the reason that Icon’s logo is a stag’s head). He later told me he was trying to find a way to strike up a conversation with me well I certainly broke the ice and a few glasses if I remember rightly!

We started dating and found we got on so well. No arguments ever, just a lot of fun times. He proposed to me just before my 30th birthday I couldn’t have been happier. We set about planning our wedding. My idea was to get married outside but where in the UK could we guarantee good weather? We decided to get married in South Africa at Belvidere Manor  a beautiful hotel in the tiny village of Knysna. South Africa is a stunning country the food is fresh, the roads are relatively quiet there are amazing safari parks and there are exceptional vineyards to visit. We set about making our plans which was surprisingly straightforward considering we were organising it from the UK (South Africa is part of the British Commonwealth).

Credit: Motion Pixel Weddings

We invited all our friends and family but due to the distance we ended up with a small guest list of just 16. We hired a lodge for everyone to stay in and had two days of chilling out before the wedding day and enjoyed a traditional ‘Braii’ (South African BBQ) on the first night. On those two days it rained non-stop, quite unusual for SA *insert joke about the weather following us from Manchester*. But on the day of the wedding the Sun shone so brightly. We arranged to have a traditional African choir to sing and I rewrote a poem from Sex and The City to fit with how we met. It was an exceptional day.  

Wedding Poem - SATC

 I often think about the traditional African choir we had singing at our wedding. One of the singers was due to get married the next day. I wonder what her wedding day was like? I would have loved to see it.  If you have a special occasion coming up and need some help feel free to get in touch or 01625 533102.